Xtar X2 2-Bay Battery Charger

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Description  The Xtar X2 is a reliable and fast 2-bay charger that is pe..

The Xtar X2 is a reliable and fast 2-bay charger that is perfect for those who want to keep their batteries performing to the best of their capabilities. 

  • Input: 100-240V 
  • Constant Current: 2A x 1/ 1A x 2/ 0.5A x 2 
  • End of Charge Voltage: 4.2V 
  • Package Content: Charger, Power Cord & Manual 
  • 0V Activation Function Restores Over Discharged Batteries 
  • TC/CC/CV Three Stage Charging Maximises Battery Life Span 
  • Precisely Cut Off at 4.2V When Li-ion Batteries are Fully Charged 
  • Current Buffering Technology Keeps Batteries From Violent Currents 
  • Reverse Polarity/ Short Circuit/ Overcharge Protection 
  • Made from Flame Retardant Material 
  • Insured Worldwide by China Pacific Insurance Company 
  • Compatible with a Variety of Cells, Including, 18650, 20700 & 21700. 

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